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~Steaming Pile: The movie is absolute garbage, a complete bore, and not worth the time or effort.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Resolution (2013)

Starring: Peter Ciella, Vinny Curran, Bill Oberst Jr.
Director: Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead

A man tries to save his best friend from his drug addiction by forcing him to detox in the abandoned house the friend is squatting in. 

My Take:
This movie will surely divide people into a love it or hate it category. There's a lot here which is left up to viewer interpretation and I think multiple viewings will provide more depth to what actually happens. The movie throws multiple horror cliches at the audience then molds it into a very unique tale with an rather ambigious ending. A big stregth lies with the two main characters, the caring best friend and the junkie who doesn't want to quit, as the relationship feels strong and real and often quite funny. If you want a clear cut story with answers clearly put in front of you, then this is probably not the flick for you. It's definitely requires some thinking, reflection, and piecing together what you have seen.

Rating: Instant Classic

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  1. Definitely agree, I think I need to re-watch this one. I was a little confused.