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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fatal Error [Repairman Jack #14]

Author: F. Paul Wilson

Jack, a fixer of people's problems, finds himself in a battle for Earth's existence between two cosmic forces.

This novel sees The  One's followers (The Kickers, The Septimus Order, and others) plot to take down the internet. They think it will kill the Lady (the one entity which allows The Otherness not to take over Earth). In the meantime, Dawn Pickering has her baby which Rasalom snatches up quickly afterwards. Weezy tries to figure out the pieces while searching through the book. And Jack helps an Arabian American who had his wife and child kidnapped... and of course, none of this is a coincidence.

My Take:
The second to last novel in the series sets up everything for the a much anticipated showdown between Jack and The One, Rasalom. While the story is decent and has a lot of moving parts, it's really just adding to more of the overall story arc. I am hoping for a big payoff in the last novel. 

Rating: So Good

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