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~So Good: Highly recommended because for one reason or another it stands out above the usual fair. Put the movie on your radar as it wont disappoint.

~In the Middle: The movie is a nothing special, average affair. It may entertain in the short term but it will be easily forgettable in the long haul.

~Warning: This movie is a cliched driven slop of familiar territory. Only watch if you're really of fan of this type of material.

~Steaming Pile: The movie is absolute garbage, a complete bore, and not worth the time or effort.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Visitor (1980)

Starring: John Huston, Lance Henriksen, Joanne Nail, Shelly Winters, Glenn Ford, Mel Ferrer, Sam Peckinpah, Jess Franco
Director: Giulio Paradisi

A little girl is the key to an intergalactic war. While one side wants to take her for the destruction of Earth, another side wants to harness the evil and save the planet.

My Take:
The movie is a whacked out trip. I am still not exactly sure what to make of it. I have to give points for creativity and a solid, veteran cast. But it also makes no damn good sense at all and lacks explanation for such an ambitious premise.No doubt this is a unique movie.

Rating: In the middle

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