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Friday, January 1, 2016

The State of Fringes of Horror 2016

Well, another year has closed and another one has began.

My year was full of a lot of change. Probably the most in my adult lifetime. The year started with knee surgery. I took a job promotion (in my paying career) which coincided with a move to another city. Along with the move came another house purchase,.. and trying to sell the old property.  Then this summer, I got married as my fiancee finally received her documents to come to the US. My mother had to move in with us this Fall.

And those are just broad strokes.

Along the way this blog, which started as fun and amusement, became a hassle. One that I wasn't getting compensated for the effort. I found myself falling behind on the pace I normally used. I would scramble to get entries done and honestly, not doing a great job in the reviews. Heck, I haven't even had time to read a novel since February. I would normally go through 10-18+ novels per year.

The fact is my free time became less and less and my responsibilities to life became more and more. I thought long and hard about closing the blog down for good. For now, that will not be the case but it may happen. I just need to find a better balance.

My love for the world of horror entertainment has not gone away. Nor has my fondness for writing. But the frequency at which entries come will be far more spread out.

Thanks to all of those you read my silly, little reviews. I hope they helped you decide on something to watch or read or listen to over the years. At the very least, maybe you enjoyed reading.

I will continue on in 2016, for the time being, but one never knows when the door may close completely.

Until then....

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