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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Durham County, Season 2 (2009)

Durham County: Season 2

Starring: Hugh Dillon, Michelle Forbes

Season two sees Detective Mike Sweeney trying to keep his personal life in order as his marriage spins out of control and his daughter copes with the lingering trail of killer Ray Prager while in the middle of an investigation of a colleague's drowned child which may or may not be an accident.

My Take:
The second season has it share of horrific moments and high tension, just like the first season. Though with Ray Sr. being caught and up for trial, the shows tone shifts slightly. Still at its core is horror of human nature and what one person will do another. Sadie is battling her feelings for Ray Jr. while trying to cope with what Ray Sr. did to her. Detective Mike Sweeney continues to ride the line between good cop and law breaker. And Michelle Forbes comes in to add a twisted character all in her in Dr. Pen Verrity.

At only six episodes one can get through this moody season rather quickly.

Favorite Episode: Daddy Hurt Mommy? (Episode 4)
This is the episode where many of the characters true natures come to the surface. Mike starts doubting Penn's motives after an incident with Audrey. You find out truly messed up Sadie is by what occurred to her in season 1.

Rating: So Good

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