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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Being Human, Season 3 {UK version} (2011)

Being Human: Season 3

Starring: Aiden Turner, Russel Tovey, Lenaora Crichlow

A vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost all become roommates in order to live normal lives.
In Season 3, Annie returns from Purgatory with aid from Mitchell, who is having a harder and harder time controlling his bloodlust. While George and Nina find out they are going to be parents and worry about the ramifications of the pregnancy. Plus the "Old Ones" put forth a plan for vampire domination upon the world.

My Take:
I think this is the best of the three seasons, and I really enjoyed the first two. There is so much that happens in these eight episodes. George and Nina find out the conceived a child while in wolf form. They always find a werewolf father and son who are vampire hunters. Mitchell goes into Purgatory to save Annie because he loves her and must confront the sins of his past. He is given a prophecy about dying, which nearly drives him to the brink of destruction and puts a wedge between him and his best friends. And there is the return of Herrick. The last two episodes have you on the edge of your seat. And man, what a climax.

Favorite Episode:
"Type 4" (Episode 3) - Annie is out walking the streets when she sees a female zombie, for lack of better terms, who wants to pick a fight and follows Annie home. After a night of getting to know the annoying zombie girl, Sasha, the group feels sorry for her as she was part of medical experiments. Meanwhile Mitchell gets followed by a male vampire groupie who is inspired by Mitchell's latest mass murder killings.

Rating: Instant Classic

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