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Friday, June 15, 2012

Theater of the Bizarre (2011)

Starring: Debbie Rochon, Udo Kier, Catriona MacColl, Tom Saivini, Kaniehtiio Horn
Directors: Douglass Buck, David Gregory, Jeremy Kasten, Tom Saivini, Richard Stanley, Buddy Giovinazzo

A girl stumbles into an abandoned theater where human-like puppets tell her stories of a strange and peculiar nature.

My Take
It's a very solid anthology movie. Sure some tales are better than others but at least the tales are unique. 

The wrap around segment about a frightened girl and the abandoned theater was decent enough but nothing special. At least Udo Kier gets some major time as the storyteller.

"The Mother of Toads" has an anthropologist traveling through a remote part of France and stumbling onto a old gypsy woman who holds a rare book of evil. Definitely something you haven't seen before which is what director Richard Stanley is known for.

"I Love You" sees an obsessed husband's reality blur when his wife tells him she's leaving him because he is smothering her. Strong acting carries this somewhat predictable segment.

"Wet Dreams" has an abusive and cheating husband unable to separate his dreams from reality. Saivini and Rochon in a nice revenge tale. Enough said.

"The Accident" is about a mother explaining death to her young daughter after they witness a fatality on the road. If you're a fan of the director Douglass Buck, who encompasses the horrors of every day life into his movies, then you will enjoy this one.

"Vision Stains" shows a story of a woman who steals the memories of others by taking the fluid from a person's eye at the moment of death. A unique tale and my favorite one in the movie.

"Sweets" is a dark comedy dealing with relationships and food obsessions where both end badly. This is such a cool segment with rich colors and a purely disgusting nature.

Rating: So Good


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