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~Steaming Pile: The movie is absolute garbage, a complete bore, and not worth the time or effort.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Preacher: Proud Americans [volume 3]

Author: Garth Ennis

A preacher, called Jesse Custer, in Texas is possessed by a supernatural entity called Genesis who gives him the power to control people with his voice. A secret sect known as The Grail is out to capture Custer at any costs. Custer goes on the run with the help of his former girlfriend Tulip and his vampire friend Cassidy and has a plan to settle things with his family, God, and the Grail.

In volume three Custer travels to a secluded location where the Grail has Cassidy captured. Herr Starr, a top official in The Grail, has his own plans for Custer. Also in this volume we find out the what The Grail is truly about, the origin of the Genesis, and how Cassidy became a vampire.

My Take:
This story continues to be simply one of the most balls out stories ever. It's not afraid to push the limits on several subjects, many taboo. It's bloody and violent and humorous and simply fun.
If you never read the series, go pick up volume one today. You are missing out. 

Rating: Instant Classic

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