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Monday, May 20, 2013

Cannon Fodder (2013)

Director: Eitan Gafny

An Israeli special ops team is sent to Lebanon to extract an scientist known to make bio weapons for his terrorist organization. Upon arrival the team finds the area over ran with infected people and they are forced to change their objective in order to survive.

My Take:
The movie has a familiar take on zombies with a viral outbreak scenario. It still kept me engaged until the last few minutes when the remaining team members miraclously returned to Tel Aviv for one last stand against the man who set them up and a city over thrown with zombies. It became too much, too quick. Persoanlly if it would have ended when the team escaped Lebabon, it would have been a darker and tad stronger of a finish.
The practical effects are fantastic. There is more than one scene which remind me of some classic zombie flicks. The computer generated effects are not nearly as good and get distracting (especially in the big finale).
I always enjoy watching films from other countries. It allows you to see different takes on classic horror themes or lore, how current situations are being interpreted through the horror medium, and find out about different legends or myths. The makers of this film definitely put their cultural stamp down and come out with a decent effort.

Rating: In the middle

From Eitan Gafny

Cannon Fodder, the new Israeli Independent Horror Film, just won the "Best Foreign Film" Award at the Indie Film Festival "Bare Bones", and a special "Jury Prize" at Moscow's "Detective Fest".

Cannon Fodder began it's festival tour at the "Bloody Hero" Film Festival on February, and will be screened at the "Cape Fear" Film Festival, Hoboken Film Festival and "Fright Night" con & Film Festival in the Us, as well as at the "Pineapple Underground Film Festival" in Hong Kong and "Cinema South" Film Festival in Israel.

The official website has been launched Cannon Fodder

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