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Friday, January 27, 2012

Preacher: Until the End of the World (volume 2)

Author: Garth Ennis

The past of Jesse Custer catches up with him and he can run no more. His family finally finds him and brings him back to the South Texas and Granny, who makes him carry out her ways. Until he fights back.
Then the Jesse and Tulip head out to San Fransisco. Here he finds Cassidy, an interesting party, and a group called The Grail who want Custer for their own purposes.

My Take:
I really enjoy the character of Jesse Custard. Tulip, his girlfriend, and Cass, his vampire best friend, aren't bad either. This book has two stories in it, both of which I never would have guessed.
In the first half we really get to see Jesse's past as he and Tulip are kidnapped and taken back to the place he grew up. The hate and torture from his Granny who chose his path is at times unbearable to read. But finally Jesse decides to fight back.
The second part half has Custer and Tulip meeting up Cassidy. A group called The Grail deems Custer to be the new Messiah since he can control people with his word. Tied in are a couple of drug dealers for a rich perv. Violence and sex ensues.
A fun read indeed.

Rating: So Good

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