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~Steaming Pile: The movie is absolute garbage, a complete bore, and not worth the time or effort.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Woman (2011)

Starring: Pollyanna McIntosh, Angela Bettis, Sean Bridgers
Director: Lucky McKee

While hunting a lawyer finds the last remaining woman from a clan of cannibals who terrorized the Maine coastline. He captures the woman and attempts to civilize her.

My Take:
The sequel to the movie/novel Offspring, which in itself is a sequel to the jaw dropping novel by Jack Ketchum called Off Season.
The violence is heavy here as this woman is beaten, raped, and tortured by a sociopath of a man and to a lesser extent his son. The wife and daughters go along with the father's plan basically out of fear. However, there is much more going on in this tale. Some very subtle dialog and actions reveal far more than seem upon reflecting back on the film.
For the most part I liked it, but there are a couple of scenes with heavy music played over the sequences which give it more of a music video feel than a feature.

Rating: In the middle

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