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~Steaming Pile: The movie is absolute garbage, a complete bore, and not worth the time or effort.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shark Night (2011)

Starring: Sara Paxton, Donal Logue, Joel David Moore, Joshua Leonard, Katharine McPhee
Director: David R. Ellis

A group of college kids head to one of their homes on a rural lake in Louisiana Gulf. Once there they discover the lake is invested with sharks.

My Take:
I love sharks. I am a huge fan of Donal Logue and enjoy the work Joel David Moore & Joshua Leonard as well (who all three do a decent job with what little is there). But why in the hell did this cast agree to make such a dumb movie? I guess sometimes you need a pay day.
This is the worst movie I've watched in a long, long time. I could write ten pages on the logic gaps, script holes, cheap looking CGI, and more. Luckily I wont as it would devote more time than this movie deserves.
What is even more baffling is it received studio financing and a wide screen release. No wonder people think mainstream horror movies are the pits. Crap like this and sequels, and remakes are the only movies which are seen in theaters.
Stay clear of this stinker!

Rating: Steaming Pile

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